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Using forScore recording cues for practice

Steve Eddins
Posted on Sunday, October 29, 2023

I’ve been using forScore and an iPad for practice, lessons, rehearsals, and concerts for about six years now. Recently, I have found it helpful and efficient to use forScore’s audio capabilities to practice my concert parts along with an orchestral recording.

Here’s an iPad screenshot of a page from my part in the Concord Orchestra’s upcoming concert program. Each yellow circle is a “button” that starts the orchestral recording at that point in the music. Once I have set up these cues, practicing these spots is quick and easy.

forScore audio buttons

Several audio cue buttons on a page in forScore. Prokofiev, Romeo & Juliet Suite No. 2, Horn 1 in F

To set this up, first add an audio track to the score using the Audio tab in the score’s Metadata panel. You can add multiple tracks, which will typically be necessary for works with multiple movements.

forScore audio tab

forScore audio tab

Then, on the Tools menu, tap on Buttons to bring up the button placement dialog. Here, you can tap where you want the button to go, select Play/Pause Audio as the action, and enter the desired start time.

adding a button

Adding a button

If needed, you can adjust the pitch and the tempo of the audio playback.

adjusting pitch and tempo

Adjust pitch and tempo of audio playback

Tips and notes for using recordings with forScore