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Now (September 2023)

Steve Eddins
Posted on Saturday, September 2, 2023

  1. Coming up
  2. On my stand
  3. Website tweaks
  4. “Now” pages

Coming up

Concord Orchestra starts the new season with rehearsal next Tuesday. On the first program (October 14, 15):

I’m very excited about having a chance to play Hanson 2, which keeps the horn section busy with rewarding parts in all three movements. This will also be the first season with our new music director, Zeke Fetrow. We’ve been without a regular music director for more than three years.

Melrose Symphony Orchestra starts its 106th (!!) season with the September 11 rehearsal. Its first program (on November 4):

On my stand

From Hanson, Symphony No. 2 (Romantic), I, Horn 2 in F

From Hanson, Symphony No. 2 (Romantic), I, Horn 2 in F

Website tweaks

I ditched the contact form. Instead, you can just email me directly using the link at the bottom of each post.

I’m also going to kill the Facebook Horn Journey page in about a week. I’m not too happy about that experiment. Facebook’s page admin interface is just too obnoxious and pushy about doing things like paying to promote the page. If you want to follow the blog using Facebook, just follow my personal page.

“Now” pages

See nownownow.com for more about Now pages.