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To the high Cs

Steve Eddins
Posted on Sunday, August 20, 2023

In David McGill’s book Sound in Motion: A Performer’s Guide to Greater Musical Expression, he recommends practicing all scales to both the top and the bottom of the instrument’s range. Experimenting with this advice a year ago, I wrote out major scale variations so that they all start in the mid-range, go up to high C (C6) or C, and then end on low C (C3) or C.

That has turned out to be a little too difficult, and it hasn’t been helping me work on modifying my aperture to be less spread in all ranges. So, last week I made another version. This one starts in the mid-range, goes up to high C, and returns to the mid-range starting note. It looks like this:

To the High Cs

Sample from “To the High Cs”

For now, I am doing these slowly, quarter note = 50 or so. I’m doing them all slurred because I’m concentrating on continuous air flow; I can add the tongue later. I’m paying most attention to these factors:

The entire exercise is here; feel free to download it and try it out.